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GoodFly for RM

Smoothly and safely migrate to .NET

GoodFly for RM is the solution for the migration of applications developed in RM COBOL with WOW to Visual COBOL for .Net.

With this innovative solution, several companies have already completed in a short period of time modernization projects of COBOL applications towards .Net, with minimal impact in terms of intervention on the code. The result is a new greatly enhanced User Interface that can be deployed over the web and mobile channels.

The main features of the solution are:

Automatic conversion of COBOL-WOW projects with the creation of WPF screen set.

The mask and the source remain separated, exatcly like in COBOL-WOW. The logic of the program is not modified in any way: the program pilots cobol masks and not vice versa.

Support of all COBOL-WOW controls.

Support of Active-X controls.

Support of main COBOL-WOW functions ( WowGetProp, WowSetProp, WowAddItem, WowGetMessage, etc.).

Emulation of the COBOL-WOW event management.

Conversion, when necessary, of RM/COBOL statements not compatible with Visual Cobol.

Support of the main RM/COBOL P$ spooler functions for printing.

Ability to manage the controls through the COBOL-WOW native calls or directly through the object reference.

Ability to add new controls to the forms, and to handle them in a native way.

The analyzer/code generator can be used to perform automatic changes to the sources, thus facilitating the migration (not only related to WOW functions). Example: if you used a non-graphical Active-X for Winform and you want to replace it with the .NET equivalent and natively access it, the analyzer/code generator can be configured to handle this kind of migration.

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Our company has been using for several years a character-based business application, designed and developed by our staff in AcuCobol language and including more than 500 programs. In 2011 we invested in Visual COBOL for .Net development system in order to re-write the application by ourselves, but daily work commitments did not allow us to find the resources required to carry out the project. But then Micro Focus introduced us to Goodworks, a certified technological partner who, thanks to their automatic migration and modernizations tools, gave us a huge help in dramatically reduce the time of this porting: after only three months they delivered the Visual COBOL version of our application, we could not believe it! Next steps are the adoption of a DBMS for our application and the implementation of GoodWorks prototypes to fully leverage .Net technology value. Thanks to GoodWorks we are able to preserve our entire application investment and to flawlessly move and distribute it on the most recent and powerful platforms available.

Ing. Mauro Saglimbeni,
Carioni SpA